It's been a while, since last time I got my hands on an android. Like many others of my kind I love messing around with new technology so I decided to try and make a basic application to get some hands-on experience with android and the android sdk. A long time ago I made a project for making a javabean that draws sierpinski triangles, so a nice app would be to port that to android. This also proved very useful since I knew the algorithm was correct.

The application is free and on the android market, it can be found here:

From this little project that took ~1½ day I learned about the basic UI, how to draw on a "Canvas" and how to maintain a global state in an "Application". Moreover I got to a point where I had to extend my application to two Activites and thereby got an indea of what an "Intent" is.

All ideas, bugs and suggestions are as always welcome. Exception more applications in the future, android seems like a very nice way to develop with a more strict MVC-pattern compared to swing for the desktop.