I finally got my Raspberry Pi in the mail. It's a small, extremely cheap ARM-based computer, I see it as a fun gadget to mess around with. The official operation system for one of these is a modified version of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system called Raspbian, this means the software is something I already know very well.

Here's a pic of the system up and running:

And here's a screenshot of the desktop running, Raspbian uses a slightly modified LXDE desktop


One of the immediate annoyances is the need for 700 mA at 5 Volts. The maximum amount of mA from USB2 is 500 mA at 5 Volts. The 700 mA at 5 Volts means the top effect is around 3,5 watts. When the system is idle it seems to use around 2 watts. This is very impressive for a computer running a modern operation system.